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Rhinoplasty in nose surgery can help

Most patients have a definite idea as to how they would like to improve” or refine the shape of their nose. Usually they don’t like the “hump” on the bridge, the thickness of the tip, or the width of their nose. Rhinoplasty in nose surgery can help.

The nasal septum, the structure that separates the two nostrils inside the nose, is composed of cartilage and bone. It may become deviated or twisted, either through the trauma of birth or as the result of an accidental injury. This deviation may alter the pattern of air flow through the nose, making it more difficult to breathe. In addition, the nose may appear crooked with a “hump.” Often, a surgical procedure used to correct breathing through the nose also improves its appearance. Reduction of the “hump,” refinement of the nasal tip, narrowing of the width, and straightening of the nose are combined into one procedure.

In order to eliminate visible scarring, the surgery is done entirely from within the nostrils. The goal is to achieve a more natural appearance, without a “turned up” or artificial look.