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Find the best price possible on stock holdings on money morning

One important function of the presence of the Stock Exchange in Indonesia at this time is to provide a network of trading securities or as a secondary market for any securities listed on the exchange. Through its network of trade is the Securities Exchange Member executing trades, including buying and selling activities Stock.

Under existing regulations, investors who want to buy shares can not conduct direct transactions with parties who want to sell stock. Parties who wish to carry out activities of buying and selling shares in the Stock Exchange shall appoint Securities Company as Securities Broker / brokers who are included in the list of securities companies.

When you give orders to sell shares to the broker. At that time the stock sale price can be determined by your own with / without mentioning the highest limit or you ask your broker to find the best price possible. Confirmation of the shares to be you earn and the refund in case of oversubscription will receive some time later in accordance with a predetermined schedule and tercatum in the prospectus.